IMac Blu-ray ripping help!

Hi, I want to buy an iMac but how do you rip blu-rays without a drive?

you have to have a driver first, or how do you read the blu ray dvd 's content?

here is a guide about how to rip blu ray to ipad, but it is for windows…

That’s the problem there are no Blu-Ray drives for the Macs ?

There are no Apple-specific BD drives for the Mac, unless you count LaCie’s D2 external USB/FireWire model.  At $400, it’s a little bit too pricey.

Another option is to buy something like a Pioneer BDR-206 for $120 and find a suitable external USB / eSATA box to house it in (~$40).  There are some LG BD models closer to $100 that are also reported to work.