I'm worried I just bought a 1.5TB My Passport Portable HDD

I haven’t receiced my portable HDD yet, but I was looking for reviews for the one I bought: (WDBY8L0015BBK-NESN)


And somehow in the official wdc.com (here) I couldn’t find any official 1.5TB Drive. Did I just bought a discontinued HDD or got scammed? (Doubt it bought it in amazon.com)

I’m very worried can someone address this?

Thanks in advanced,



I did not find it either

But don’t believe Amazon will be selling if not confirmed as WD drive

Could be that they got a batch of 1.5 but then WD decided not to release those

My friend received my HDD and sent me pics, and looks like every other HDD same case and everything.

On tuesday I will have it in my hands, and willl confirm on this.

Thanks for your response

I’m also wondering if this My Passport 1.5TB model WDBY8L0015BBK-01 is discontinued. I just bought one from Amazon two days ago.

The WDBY8L0015BBK is listed in document # 4879-705198-A03, dated Jul 2012: