I'm Trouble

I bought 1.5TB WD External HDD. But i used just 10 days. Because my product doesn’t work. I sent WD technical Service

1 Month Later the said “your products is okay”

1 MONTH Later Attention!!!

I had tested 5 different PC!!!

Still It Doesn’t work!!!

I will never again purchase Western Digital products!!!

your service is terrible!!!

Now Western Digital users are sharing their problems with anyone on the Internet.





Product does not trust anyone anymore!

and I Will design a website! www.trouble-western-digital.com

I am sure you are angry and frustrated at having purchased something that doesn’t work properly. I have experienced that myself and it gives a person a powerless feeling because you feel alone and up against a large company that does not solve your problem.

However, to join a forum just to vent anger doesn’t help anyone, including yourself. I am sure when you finished making your post you did not feel any relief from your emotions.

If you had CALMLY and descriptively made your problem clear you might have helped others.