I'm tired of waiting for it ..When will it be for wd gen2 firmware?

I’m tired of waiting for it …When will it be for wd gen2 firmware??

does not expect any companies so their customers .???  

Please search for customer satisfaction efforts.

Other companies device firmware is making them for at least two months.or you?

I am waiting for the Gen 1 firmware for 7 months :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure they’ve dropped the Gen1 at this point. Perhaps Bill could provide some insight.

I had heard that Gen 1 had a recent update, but on the WDC page, it still shows 1.03 from 11/09/2009.  Look aroudn the boards, I’m pretty sure there was a post about it.

As for Gen2, we’ve been waiting for a while (myself since the beginning of Feb).  I haven no problems with mine at the momment (other than minor things) but I want to see what the new firmware would offer.

Krishna P.

If you have no problems, you should be grateful. Many of us Gen 1 owners are still waiting for long term existing bugs to be fixed … not to mention several ridiculous omissions like title names in playlists instead of filenames, etc, etc.

My personal view, is that all the later WD TV HD products shouldn’t even exist yet … not until they’ve fix all the issues caused by the rush to market of Gen 1 … just consider yourselves lucky. If I’d realized how flawed it was, I would never have bought a Gen 1 … I would have just waited until someone made a proper device. After waiting months and months, making bug reports, sending emails, I still feel like I got ripped off … I barely even use it, it irritates me that much.

And to make matters worse, it seems that after the release of Gen 2, that they just don’t care about us anymore. It’s almost time for some pro-active action over the very b-grade support.