I'm really close to taking this thing back

My Cloud 3 TB version

This is a horrible product.  I wanted it for storage backup and a simple cloud service for when I’m away from home and want to stream movies or music or share a picture.  I can’t even do that half of the time.  

At least once a week I have to hard reset the box.  Meaning pull the power then plugging it back in.  The symptoms when I have to do it is no access either remotely or locally (on same network).  I have it connected to a APC UPS 900VA backup so it’s getting clean power.

Just now I had to reset it because I had no remote connection but I had local connection.  uPnP is enabled on my router.

This drive is SLOW.  Not sure why there is a USB 3.0 port because I don’t think it can keep up with 3.0 speeds.  Yes I have a gigabit network and it is connected at gigabit speed. 

I can’t even map the public share drive on my computer.  Win 7 Ult 64bit.  When I go to my network connections, I find WD MyCloud, find the public folder, right click it and my explorer crashes.  Every single time.  Rebooting the computer doesn’t help.

This product fails so much.  I’m so close to returning it and trying out the Seagate Central cloud product.  It has to be better than this thing.  

Sorry, but if your explorer crashes, you have a windows problem. Doesn’t matter if firmware on WD cloud has a problem, your computer should not crash with simple right click.

I mapped two drives off my wifes laptop which is connected to the network.  Had to so I could transfer files off her computer onto mine.

It only crashes when I try and map the WD cloud folders.

Edit: actually I got it to work by not mapping it but dragging the folder from the network window to my desktop.  I’ll have to live with that for now.

Does your wife laptop also crash doing the same thing?

Got it to work.  see my edit above.  

After dragging it to the desktop, I right clicked the public folder and then could map the drive.  checked the “reconnect at login” box and assigned it a drive letter.  Now it’s working.  Still can’t map it while in the network list.  I guess saving it to my desktop did something to the permissions.  I don’t know.