I'm not familiar with this and don't know what I'm doing

I bought a 4tb mycloud thinking I would be able to drag and drop files/folders onto the drive, delete them from my computer and access the files remotely from anywhere… sort of like I do with my old transporter. Unfortunately I’m apparently too stupid to do this.

For instance, I have a drive that is in the process of failing and I need/want to “back it up” before it dies completely but I don’t necessarily want to replace the drive. But I do want to be able to access the files/folders that were on that drive after I pull it and beat it to pieces for dying on me.

Is this possible or do I have to go back to a drobo/transporter setup with a larger capacity?

Have you read the Manuals?

My Cloud Gen1 (Firmware 4.xxx Manual)
My Cloud Gen2 (Firmware 2.xxx) Manual
Looked into WD Smartware
Used WD Learning Center

Yes, I’ve read the manual and I’m clearly missing any solutions for my problem. I’ve managed to map a mybook I connected to the usb port on the mycloud and it’s working exactly as I had hoped. I can’t seem to do the same for the actual mycloud. I’ll go back to the manual again though, thanks for replying.

I’ve figured out my problem, I can’t map the mycloud because it’s telling me I have the wrong credentials but for the life of me I can’t figure out how that could be.

It’s getting worse, I changed my password to one I easily remember and now I can’t log in to the browser connection to the my cloud.

Nevermind, fixed it. I don’t know what the problem was but I just kept bashing at it until it let me in.

People often think they use the user name and password they created for their computer when trying to access the My Cloud. One typically uses the User name and password you created in the My Cloud Dashboard interface. One also needs to ensure they gave that User the proper permission level (Full Access, Read Only, No Access) to a Private Share if they are trying to map that Private Share.

I don’t know what OS you are running, but if it is Windows, goto your “Credential Manager” and delete your credentials. Then when you try to login to the My Cloud it will ask you for the username and password to login. Also you can login to the My Cloud through your browser using the IP of the My Cloud. Such and 192.xxx.xxx.xxx and the login page should show in your browser. You can find you IP to the My Cloud through your routers IP table.

I use WD SmartWare to backup my computers and after having to have my hard drive replaced on my desktop computer I had no problem restoring all of my files.

If you do not want to restore them to your new drive you should still be able to access them.

While my desktop was being repaired I was still able to access my files/folders with my laptop and cell phone.

If you want to access the files “anywhere” you have 3 options (that I can think of off the top of my head):

  1. Access the files via MyCloud.com
  2. Access the files via the WD My Cloud Desktop app
  3. Set up WD Sync on your device you are using anywhere (probably a laptop, I’m assuming? Or desktop?)

There are lots of ways to set up WD Sync, but you can have it literally just copy your My Documents folder, for instance. You continue to make changes to your files/folders the same way you normally would. It syncs them to the My Cloud. Then, when you open up the My Cloud folder on your other PC (must install WD Sync app first), you can see an exact copy of the same files. You can change them in whatever way you want, it’ll copy it back, etc.