I'm new..! How can i create e video library jokebox?

_ Hello guys! _

_ I’m new. _

_ Please help me. _

_ How can i create a video jukebox, with cover, description, etc?? _

_ like it…  _ http://img651.imageshack.us/img651/6514/pict5.jpg

_ Is there a tutorial? _

_ Sorry for my bad english! but i’m italian! _

_ Thanks guys! _

Please, everyone reply me?

When you’re looking at a Movie in the Hub’s View, click OPTIONS -> GET CONTENT INFO.

Simple as that.

_ ok, thx. _

_ But to insert cover, description, walpaper, etc… is required an internet connection? _

Yes, or you can do it manually.

Create an XML file that matches the Movie file:


My Movie.avi

      The Movie itself.

My Movie.xml

      The Movie’s information

My Movie.jpg  (or My Movie.png)

     This will appear as the “Cover Art” for the movie.

The XML needs to be structured thusly:

        <title>Title of Movie</title>
	<mpaa>MPAA Rating of Movie</mpaa>
	<studio>Studio that Produced the Movie</studio>
	<runtime>The length of the movie in minutes</runtime>
	<trailer>URL to YouTube Trailer</trailer>
	<director>Name of the Movie's Director</director>
        <year>Date of Movie</year>
        <genre>Genre of Move</genre>
        <genre>More than one Genre can be listed</genre>
        <overview>Plot or Synopsis of Movie</overview>
        <director>Lawrence Dobkin</director>
                <name>Actor 1</name>
                <role>Role that Actor 1 played</role>
                <name>Actor 2</name>
                <role>Role that Actor 2 played</role>
  (Note that you can have as many actors as you want to list.)

You can also use ThumbGen to create the xml and cover art.  I have a tutorial HERE as to how to set it up for TV shows.  It is basically the same for Movies, just change your “Preferred Collector” to TheMovieDB.org.

_ Thanks a lot guys! _

You’re the best! :wink: