I'm going to die, WD DX 4000 freeze every night


I’ve recently get some funds in my company to buy larger storage than we had. (It’s quite a money for this box in my company) So We’ve bought this in a good refreshing idea that everything will look like in fairy tale. 20 PCs constantly downloading and uploading data through Network Disk between them , and the Server we’ve had dedicated to it is too slow last days 10MB/s (Upload/Download) So I’ve bought NAS WD DX 4000 that it will have about 100MB/s they say.

OK First it started initializing which is currently (During the freezes) at 45 %.  

Every night , every it freeze, I can ping it, but I cant get into the WD .I cant kick in by Teamviewer or RDP. If my boss will know that its **bleep** this machine I’m gonna be most probably kicked out of my work because I’m the one who has proposed to buy it.

Shut it down gracefully if you can and reseat all the drives to be sure they are seated properly.  Then power it back on.  See if you can get into the dashboard and look at the WD health.  See if a drive shows an error.  Do any of the drives have a red light?

Thanks for response, no everythings fine. I gently power it down.Click the power button wait until it shutdown. Wait a while. Turn it back on everything s blinking Blue (All HDD then shine blue because of the initiliazition), No bad event in the Dashboard just 3 infos. That HDD RAid 5 is initializing and etc., eveyrthings green evyrythings OK. ON Dashboard it shows (When it stuck) Network Disconnected, but thats not true, Network’s blinking I can ping onto the NAS and so on. But Cant get in. 

NVM anymore, I get it back to my saler and get Refund. I’m not that crazy to put this storage in working envirnoment.