I'm getting tired of resetting WD TV Live box every few days


In general I like WD TV Live a lot because it’ll play almost any possible video format.

From my research it looks like it’s the best box on the market in that respect.

However what drives me nuts is a need of resetting the box quite often.

The main reason - the device keeps disappearing from my network so I can’t see it on my computer.

Sometimes running WD Discovery will re-find it but some other times there is no option but a hard reset.

The other (lesser) reason - the device will loose some setting(s) like it won’t remember last movie position or menu display will get garbled or some menu like “move” or “delete” won’t work.

My model is WDBHG70000NBK. I’m assuming this is the latest model released?

P. S. I just realized that I posted in a wrong forum. It should go here: http://community.wd.com/t5/WD-TV-Live-Streaming/bd-p/streaming_discussions

Someone please move it.

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You are in the wrong forum.  This is for the older models Live and Live Plus.

You want here: Live Streaming Media Player

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Thank you for moving it :slight_smile:

Can’t claim credit for the move, was editing post at the time.  Hope you get the help you need.