I'm getting subs when I don't want to

So, I’ve dusted off my old WDTV Live and gave it to my parents to watch some MKVs (with internal SRT subs) from their NAS. Settings > Video > subtitle standard is set to OFF but the subs are still shown. I turn the setting off again and the subs will not be displayed but only till the WDVT is power-cycled. The mkvs are flagged to default/forced no, not that the WDTVs ever cared about flags.

So, is this a known bug of the 1.06.34 firmware? I’ve been out of the loop for a while.

if it’s not remembering the “Subtitle > Off” setting after a power cycle … maybe the internal Lithium Battery (CR2032) is stuffed ?

dunno…can’t check, sold all my WDTV’s ages ago

The point is: it IS remembering the setting. When I enter the menu after the power-cycle, the setting is set to off, but it’s showing the subs anyway. Only after I’ve entered this menu and “confirmed” the setting once again, it stops showing the subs… until the next power-cycle.

thanks, i understand now

i have no idea

I gave my parents my old RPi2 (Kodi) where subtitles ‘off’ does exactly that. And subtitle flags are supported and work correctly.

pretty happy i got good money selling my wdtv’s on ebay … cus, i would never use them again.

Yeah, I’m using Kodi myself but I still like the simplicity of the old WDTV’s GUI and I don’t think I’d get much money for it these days. Still, havin the subtitles shown when you don’t need em ■■■■■ big time given the fact the WDTVs still ignore the flags in MKVs.