If my video bitrate is higher than my internet upload speed, does it get cached during playback?

I store videos on my My Cloud drive at home. My internet upload speed is 200mbps down and 20mbps up.

If I use my laptop from my office(10mbps download speed) to view the videos stored on my My Cloud drive and the video bitrate is a higher than the 10mbps speed, does the video get cached or buffered during playback? (assuming I use the WD My Cloud desktop software on my laptop)


Let me ask you: have you streamed videos from home when at work? Do they play OK, or do they stall, stutter and generally not work well? My experience is that if I try to stream (to a phone or tablet), using 10mbps D/Lor less, it is not successful. My home upload speed is fast enough, but 10mbps D/L is too darn slow for video streaming. One needs at least a 25mbps download to stream from home. Buffering or not, you cannot buffer enough at a low speed to make a difference to make up for slow download speed.

But, if you can stream home-based videos successfully from work, that’s good, no matter what.

that’s why I’m confused… I can sometimes stream high-bitrate videos from my home to my office. by high-bitrate I mean 25mbps or even 45mbps(raw Blu-ray files) yet there are still some 10mbps bitrate videos that can’t stream smoothly sometimes.

I tried MPC-HC to play the videos being streamed from my home My Cloud drive to my office PC. I frequently see “buffering” before the video starts playing. (ranging from 0% all the way to 100%)

or perhaps it’s because my videos were not encoded in constant bitrate?

You re getting bit rate of internet speeds (bandwidth) confused with bit rate of actual videos. As I said, internet d/l speeds of less than 20-25 make video streaming problematic or impossible.

I do not stream any video (remotely) I did not make myself, and the only videos I stream I made for iPad/iphone as m4v or mp4 files. They have a much lower internal bit rate than MKV or even DVD files. One of the highest bit rate tablet videos I have made was from an IMAX Blu-ray (BD), and it’s bit rate is 8476kbps. Most m4v files from BD source are around 4000kbps, DVDs are around 2000kbps. The source BD’s MKV from it average around 24Mbps. These stream fine at home for all but a few, and then to be played by the WDTV, not tablets…

I don’t even try to stream MKV files from BD or DVD remotely because it just doesn’t work. So, is why I make less complex mp4 types of files for streaming with tablets, and then, I need to be on an internet bandwidth of 25Mbps or greater.

I don’t even try to stream MKV files remotely from BDs or DVDs. I stick with what works, and that is the m4v and mp4 files made with Handbrake foruse on iPads.

The key point is, to buffer or not or to cache or not solely depends on your client in this case the player. Even if it does buffer the cache, but if your download speed doesn’t match the bitrate be it constant or variable bitrate, you will still not enjoy smooth experience as it will need to fill the buffer too frequently. The encoded Mbps stated usually refers to the video bitrate, you also have to take audio bitrate into account.

Well, I don’t know about all that. I stream high bitrate movies, no problems for the most part, and on my router I can monitor the pulses of data streaming in. it comes in regular and separate bursts, whereas music seems to be a continuous stream when viewed on the router display.

Yeah MyCloud should have no problem coping as long as the internet connection is stable both ends. Even possible to stream a 4K 50Mbps/48fps over a 4G mobile network.