If i run the set up or format my passport will it delete the files already on it?

I have a wd passport and i believe the sn is [[DELETED - Privacy]]. I’m trying to transfer files from one computer that has crashed to another. On a computer running windows XP it wants me to format it and on one running windows 10 it wants me to run a setup. If I do either will it delete the files?

Do NOT format the drive – you will delete ALL the data on the drive, and I don’t think this is what you want to do. When a computer cannot read the data on a drive, it assumes it needs to be formatted so data can be placed on it.

The issue is that the XP is old-tech and often cannot read newer-tech drives that are configured a different way…

As for the Win 10, running setup means the drive has not been connected to the PC. This may not hurt a thing, but also may not be necessary either.

BTW, This is the forum for the WIRELESS version of my passport. Is this what you have, or the USB wired-only type?

Where was this drive connected previously? It must have data on it already that you want to copy over, so can you use that PC?

You need more info that I likely cannot provide.