If I replace Mycloud HDD can I install OS from scratch


My MyCloud 3TB hard drive just died after 4 years of continuous good services. Scratching metallic noise, solid red light and the HHD stops after few attempts.Thankfully, I had configured an automatic backup of the data and they are now stored on a USB drive.

If I only replace the hard drive with the exact same one sold by WD (WD30EFRX), is it possible to re-install the operating system from scratch ? (maybe it is the way the reset button works, but I can’t test).
Has anybody here tried (and succeeded…) ?

Thanks for your help.

Search the subforum (magnifying glass icon upper right) for “unbrick”. Lots of past discussion on how install the My Cloud operating system.

User Fox_Exe has a set of directions for the first gen 4v.x firmware and second gen v2.x firmware single bay/single drive My Cloud units. The directions are slightly different so make sure to use the correct one for your My Cloud model.

FIrst gen: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_6OlQ_H0PxVbzZac0plbkZKeGM/view
Second gen: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_6OlQ_H0PxVQVhnLVJOdDZISUU/view