If I hook the hard drive in the mycloud case to the sata of the PC, can the system boot?

I removed the hard disk from mycloud case, and hook it to my PC. The PC can not boot from the hard drive.

The PCB board inside the case can boot the system, why it cannot boot the PC?


Unless the PC you are using is based on an ARM CPU, the bytecode of the kernel is entirely wrong, to say nothing of how it would expect memory to be laid out, or what devices it expects to find in the system.

Now, if you repartition the drive, reformat it, and install an OS that is designed for your PC’s CPU and hardware architecture, THEN that drive will boot JUST fine.

This is a bit like asking why your phone’s OS wont run on your computer-- really. The MyCloud has more in common with an android cellphone than it does with a desktop class PC.


If you are using Windows & want to view your data on the drive you need a special driver to read the drive. I’ve posted about it on the forums before. Do a search & you will find it.

You cannot boot from the drive as-is.

Remarkably restrained and tactful reply; well done. I would not have been as polite…