If i don't want firmware update, how can i make it stop telling me too

I recently returned my WDTV LIVE HUB and got a new one after UNDER DIRECTION OF WD TECH SUPPORT walked me through trying to rollback my firmware to the previous one, causing it to corrupt. Now that i have a different one and im at the firmware level i desire, Which is ater the first update out of the box, HOW DO I STOP IT FROM TELLING ME THERE IS NEW FIRMWARE?  It automatically pulls me to it everytime i turn it on?

help please.

Go to Setup / System, then turn Auto Detect Firmware off.

Can’t do that in the version that is running now… You’ll have to block it in your firewall or router.

Thank you. How can i do this on my router?

From what I have read block *.wdc.com from within the router settings, however I have not tried this yet.