If I can't delete the VCD partition - can I EDIT it?

How Can I burn the ISO image of my choice to the VCD partition?

Can it be done?

Yes, the VCD ■■■■■.

Yes, being unable to delete it by re-formatting ■■■■■ more.

But you you know what else gripes me?  A 700MB CD image, holding a _ paltry few megabytes _ of actual data.

Given that for some ridiculous reason I can’t delete this partition, I should at least be allowed to fill it with _ My Choice _ of software.

  • Ubuntu Live CD ?
  • Hiren’s Boot CD ?
  • A rescue CD (eg. AVG)?
  • What about Backtrack 4 ?

Given the flack WD have received in these forums, I would consider this a way to appease the angry mob.

A way to recover from what I (and many others, judging by forum feedback) consider a Very Silly Decision.

So - how do you replace the VCD data with a given ISO Image ?

Unfortunately, you can’t.