If continuous backup setting on laptop, can any My Passport initiate backup?

I had set up My Passport for continuous backup to my laptop and did a full backup then unplugged My Passport from my laptop. When I want to make a backup, I plug it back in to my laptop, do the backup, unplug it, and lock it up again.

I must unlock My Passport each time in order to use it.

My question is this:  since I have “continuous backup” set up, if anyone else attaches the same model of My Passport to my laptop, will the WD software automatically back up my files onto their My Passport without my permission? Is there a way for me to prevent this from happening?


The WD Smartware software will recognize the new passport as a different drive and a new backup plan will have to be created. This means that the WD Smartware will not backup to the new passport unless you create a backup plan for it.

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Hi HDKnows,

Thank you for the information! It was very helpful.