If Apple can’t improve the reliability of its software—it at least owes it to its users to create more robust resources

You see Apple users complaining about errors all over, except all too often it is misdirected and the result is that you almost never see any user solutions posted by other Apple users because most of them don’t know what is going on and they just point their errors to the most convenient scapegoat. You see this in this forum and others.

If Apple keeps letting its software slip, the next big thing won’t matter

As devices get more and more complex, it’s all too easy for the problems that come up to persist for years.

To error is machine

It’s happened to pretty much any Apple device user: You go to use a feature and it just doesn’t work. Sometimes there’s no explanation as to why; other times, there’s just a cryptic error message that provides no help at all.

If Apple can’t improve the reliability of its software—and, to a certain degree, it can never guarantee that everything will work perfectly for everyone—it at least owes it to its users to create more robust resources…

SMB sharing not working on macOS M… | Apple Developer Forums

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Mac osx 12.0 smb can’t connect to ANY SMB shares synology or truenas all completely broken… help appreciated… Noticed after installing beta3, it commenced a backup to my Sinology NAS for the first time since putting the new beta on, but it failed to complete. Having the same issue with a Linux share running beta 3.

I have the same issue. SMB connection from Monterey 12.0.1 is not working with my Synology NAS. However, forcing Monterey to use SMB2 allowed me to get a connection (AVM FRITZ!Box: SMB-Problem mit macOS 12 Monterey und wie man es behebt).

Enter the folowing commands on the terminal window. SMB Version 2 will be enabled.

echo "[default]" | sudo tee -a /etc/nsmb.conf

echo "protocol_vers_map=2" | sudo tee -a /etc/nsmb.conf

Time Machine in Monterey broken for many until next update. At least he got a call from an ‘Apple senior tech’.

Supporting a changing file system in Apple macOS is something even a $2 Trillion company such as Apple can’t handle. It is hard to see how WDC will be able to handle a changing macOS file system when it is layering another virtual file system KDDFS over macOS APFS.