Idling due to Inactivity

I’ve noticed that the My Passport Wireless drives have heavy idling going on when they are used via USB. It seems the disc stops spinning after about 30 seconds of inactivity. I’ve set my drive to high performance but this seems to only disable this idling when the drive is used via WIFI. This would be great if the wifi wasn’t so slow compared to using the drive via USB so it’s been a lose-lose situation for me. Is there any known work around for this at all? I use my drive via USB to do work and via WIFI only when relaxing. I absolutely cannot get any work done at all with this drive with it constantly stopping and starting every time I’m accessing data. This has been so bad and can sometimes take up to a full minute just to view my files. Please tell me there’s a fix or work around somewhere out there.

The MPW is designed to be a wireless drive, not a drive continually connect to computer. Basically, one connects it to computer to easily add files or copy or delete, but not :“for work”.

You can try to use it as a wireless drive continuously if you plug it into it’s power supply so it does not discharge as you use it and see if that helps.

It also would help if drive is connected to your network instead of connecting with the MPW signal.