Identifying MKVs

Hi everybody,

I recently received a WD TV Live as a gift from my brother, as far as it goes its been doing its job anb Im quite happy with it, what bothers me MOST is that the device is too picky when it comes down to MKVs and I was wondering how do people here get to ID playable MKVs.

Ive had to reencode several files after being denied playback as well as returning other files unviewed and Im getting tired of this. How do I ID playable files?  Thanks

MKV is just a container that can hold all kinds of stuff.  Whether the codecs inside are playable really depends on what the codecs are and how they are encoded.

As a very general rule, the best bet is H264 for video, and AC3 for audio.   (And you can use a wide variety of programs, like MediaInfo, to find out what’s inside).  But to try and figure out the literally hundreds (thousands?) of combinations is impossible.  If you have the control, encode them yourself using something like Handbrake for the absolute safest playback.