Identical files multiple folders- structure help!


I have a rather large number of files recurring in multiple folders and I am about to buy a WD My Cloud EX4100 24TB (4x 6TB) but I need somebody to give me a hint on the best structure I should use. So far I had a 1TB HDD connected to a desktop that was synchronized with a 3TB HDD over the network (Lacie cloudbox). This has been working fine as on the dekstop side I used link shell extension because of the identical files in many folders and could use up a lot less space this way. Let me clarify what I am talking about:

folder containing all the files
1folder - 1.file, 2.file, 3.file 4.file
2folder - 1.file 3.file 4.file
3folder - 2.file 4.file

And by creating hard link clones only the “pointers” to these files were moved, deleted while a folder containing all the files was never fiddled with and there is no need for it in the future either.

On the backup side during sync operation the actual files were copied and tho I know there is a way probably to have a link shall extension activated as well I am looking for a long term solution. In the future I play to have larger video files as well and space is most likely going to be a rather big problem.

So my question is , what do you guys recommend for this kind of data backup? Please dont suggest redoing the structure as I do need those files to be duplicated as the 1folder,2folder,3folder all represent seperate sites and files (or their pointers)inside those folders are moved from one subfolder to another from time to time.

Thank you for your help,

Hi, you might be able to use SSH to do what you are planning on doing, however I do not know if its possible or how to do it. Hopefully another user will be able to provide some more information.