Identical Drives, Identical Data, but Different Used Space

Hi, everyone.

My first time here. I recently bought 2 x WD 8TB Elements. I have 130 4K mkv files on them. Here are the specs:

Capacity: 8,001,527,214,080 bytes
Used: 7,720,908,849,152 bytes
Free: 280,618,364,928 bytes

Capacity: 8,001,527,214,080 bytes
Used: 7,720,908,845,056 bytes
Free: 280,618,369,024 bytes

There is a difference of 4,096 bytes Used and I can’t figure out why. I used WizTree but everything looks identical (see below). Corrupted FAT?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

are you really gonna lose sleep over a 5 Kilobytes difference between 8TB drives ?

anyways, i’ve encountered this a few times ie. ‘identical files’ that are a few kilobytes different

the usual cause is the metadata embedded into the mkv file

eg. 2 identical size mkv files (same video/audio codec,bitrate etc) … if you strip the metadata from one of them … or add some metadata (eg. Track name, Title name)

then they will be different file sizes … but we are taking a minuscule difference in bytes

You will have to compare every one of your mkv files to find the one(s) that are different and then compare the metadata fields.

Use either Mediainfo to see basic metadata inside the mkv and then use MKVToolnix.MKVMerge to strip the metadata or add it.

Thanks for your reply. Will I lose sleep? Nope, just curious as to why. The files are exactly the same. I used Checksum Compare and MD5 hashes match.