Ideas for playing DVD's "Digital Copies"?

Just bought a BluRay with an included “digital copy” The WD Live, of course, will not play the resulting .wmv file.  I even tried transferring it to my Archos Droid device, where it plays, and hooking it up as a USB external. WD sees the file, but again, will not play it.  Any ideas for converting the file or stripping the DRM to play on the WD??

I only have Blue Ray on my PC, so would like to play the file on the WD to watch the movie on my TV

Just a heads-up that discussing the removal of DRM any further would be breaking the Community Guidelines, and may incur the wrath of Bill.

Unfortunately, the WD can’t play DRM protected WMV files (as you have discovered).

You can use your original BluRay and your PC to create an HD, DRM-free copy of the film that is likely better quality than the “digital copy” they included.

You would do so by ripping the BD using a tool such as DVD Fab HD Decrypter and then encoding it using Handbrake.  It might be worthwhile seeking out a newer build of Handbrake from rather than the dated 0.9.4 download.

Some of the other guys will be able to provide a more accurate / detailed workflow if you run into trouble but that’s the basics.

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Thanks, have you used it on a BluRay?  What kind of file does it Output?  Is the output playable on the WDTV?  I tried Handbrake once before, wasn’t thrilled with it

Well, since you bought the blu-ray, I don’t think I could get that upset.  Did you take a look at the FAQ at the top of this board?  It may have some suggestions for you.

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Yea, I just want to be able to watch it on my TV, which I should be able to do without lugging the PC upstairs and hooking it up. They give you a digital copy, I would just like to watch it using the WD, instead of through my Android device hooked up to the TV, which is a pain, and not as high quality. I will look at the FAQ’s, but what am I looking for?

If the files you want to play have DRM copy protection then you can’t play them on the WDTV.

This is not a WD restriction but rather a requirement of the content owners/distributors.

That much I know. I’m just trying to figure out a way around that. If I can transfer and play it to my portable, I should be able to do the same to the Wd

The software you used to transfer it to your portable, and the portable itself, is maintaining the DRM custody.   It’s doubtful you’d be able to install it on multiple devices.

At least, that’s how it worked when I used iTunes to redeem some digital copies of stuff I have.

Once I transfered Star Trek to my iPod Touch, iTunes would not install it on my iPad.   When I deleted it from my Touch and resynced, then it would let me install it on my iPad.

They give you *A* digital copy, not *multiple* digital copies.   One to a customer, as it were… :wink:

That’s Crapple. I think I can put it on any digital devices I have, but it has to sync from Windows Media Player, which, obviously, I can’t do to the WD.  

Again, talk to the content provider, not WD…    It’s their choice.   If this is your first experience with DRM, count yourself lucky.   Most of us have been flummoxed by it for going on a decade now.  ;)