Ideas for integrated experience

I have some ideas for best experience the mobile apps like my cloud and wd2go

  1. First and for most the apps should combined in one program so that the file sizes or file size will be smaller because there will be no repeating code

  2. By combining the program people will be able to view thumbnails in private folders and upload all the same without have to have the drive update. The problem that I mean is sometimes on the wd photos app not all the photo that are in those folders show up on the app or not fast enough

  3. At this point I haven’t see or had the ability to save a photo and set a photo from my drive to set it as my wallpaper

  4. Having a option to have a auto photo and video uploaded. This option like the apple backups would only happen on the local network and plugged in

  5. Have the ability to add people thru the smart device or assess the admin menu the the app

  6. Have the ability to transfer file from one drive to the next. Ex. Transfer a word doc on your partition to the public partition so others with the app can access it

  7. The ability to add others and only add other outside your local network. So that people can’t get in to the admin functions without being on the network

  8. Having the ability to have third party programs to view content not viewable on the device. For example on the ipad, wma or avi file that are not currently supported

  9. And just more customizable options, like Facebook’s’ photo in the app to only access your photos to uploaded files on the public drives. Which would free up space on their mobile devices for those that are social butterflies.

Hope this user input helps