Ideas For A Better My Cloud Home?

Just a few thoughts.

WD should build on their success first.

  1. My Cloud Home could be plug in and immediately use as an external drive. So never a total waste.

Ease of setup.

  1. Using the USB cable download small setup programme which can setup the WIFI so even users with mobile broadband and no ethernet connection can use the product.

  2. When using the programme allow users to set up private and public areas on the drive. The user can decide how much space can be used to download from the internet etc.

Ease of use.

  1. Allow the user to have the whole drive appear as an external drive over the network after setup.

This also means that any computer on the users local network will have access to the files as well.

The user can then copy and move files at will between computer and private/public areas.

The user can then also preload the drive from their computer with all the files they wish to share or store.

Keep the same interface to the internet to upload or download files to the ‘Private Area’.

Just one addition a simple password to access the private area from the web which can be shared with family and friends so users can give this to who they wish and share content.

With a product like this you have a NAS drive for the local network and an internet personal cloud storage device.

Now just hope someone reads this and can make these improvements.

If you would like to agree just reply to this saying I want it as well!

@collectordave Here’s a good place to put Ideas!


Thanks for the link.

Looked there and read a little but all seem resigned to neglect.

One poster I do have sympathy with is where they say it is marketed incorrectly.

It appears after trying this it is a mobile phone backup device not for use as network attached storage and with an inadequate setup procedure.

My ideas above address all of that and should be simple for WD to approach.

Of course if a moderator sees this it can be moved to the idea thread where it can be forgotten.

PS You can guess I am losing faith in WD after this purchase after years of using WD drives.

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