Ideas about Power Consumption for the G-Raid with Thunderbolt 3?

I’m trying to spec out a new Mac Mini server to replace the Mac Pro 1,1 I’ve used as a server for about 5 years now. The existing one consumes too much energy for what it does, and I pulled that machine out of the trash - now that I actually have a stable income it makes sense for me to replace it with a SFPC like the Mini and an external hard drive.

I’ve been eyeballing the 12Tb G-RAID with Thunderbolt 3 (GRARTH3NB120002BDB) but I’ve been having a hard time finding stats about power consumption regarding it. I don’t need something to provide power over the Thunderbolt connection, the Mac Mini seems to top out at 85 Watts of draw from it’s own internal PSU which is pretty good considering the old Mac Pro seems to average 90.

What can I expect from this unit? Hopefully it draws less than the LaCie 2Big (which I know also supplies power over Thunderbolt and has other ports, presumably leading to higher draw)

I guess I could estimate if I found the actual numbers printed on the power supply, is it 12v or 19v? I haven’t seen this documented anywhere in the various manuals I’ve come across.

Thanks for any info about this topic~