[Idea,feedback]Backing up NAS to Network or Google Drive

I am very much aware of the situation that most if not all of WD NAS drives do not allow the ability to backup its files to another host system that is not of their own; a situation that I dont understand.

This has resulted in me thinking hard about this problem and I have an idea that I think could solve this, but I do not have a nas unit nor do i know if this idea has been thought of before. The idea goes as follows:

Is it possible to create a second admin account on the nas unit, using it as a means to access all the data on the drive onto a secure system eg server. Then, mapping the entire nas as a drive and using Google Drive’s software to backup the entire mapped drive. Is this possible? If so, this in my mind could be a great idea to allow the use of Google Drive if a client is already using it as a backup solution.

it would be great if someone is able to test this or with more knowledge than i do to share and give his or her thoughts on this idea.

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Hopefully an experienced User will be able to test this out.