IceCast admin web page

I just downloaded and installed the IceCast app on my EX4, it looks like a great app and something I can use. I see that there is an admin web page to do some configuration on it and I can get to it but I cant log in to it. I can not for the life of me find a default username and password anywhere that works. From what I see on the web, admin and hackme are the default username/password but they do not work. Is there a different username/password for the app on the EX4 that I cant find? Some help would be greatly appreciated.

I will be using it to send out video (mp4 format). I am not having any luck at all getting it set up. When I add a video to the playlist, it shows up ok and I can hit the play button. I cant connect to it with a web browser. If I hit the little play button to the left, it just wants to download the video rather then play it. I need it to play, not download. It also shows the file size is only 34 bytes so obviously something is wrong. I have no idea where to even start with making the app work as the instructions show. Really need some spelled out A to Z help here.


Well I just found out that MP4 is not a supported format by IceCast. I found that WebM is supported but after converting a video to that, setting it into the playlist, and hitting play, it still did not work. I am converting the same video to Ogg format which is supposedly supported and will try that. MP3 audio does work as I have tested that with success. Thats something at least.

Can your WebM files play directly when they are not queued in a playlist?

Yes I just played the movie I converted to WebM with VLC player and it works fine there. Same with the OgV file. I dont get why if I hit the little play button on the playlist, it tries to download it but only gets 35 bytes. Its 2 something gig for the WebM and 1.5 gig for the OgV. No matter what format I try converting it to, I cant get IceCast to do anything with video. I set up a number of MP3 songs and was listening to them while at work. So that works at home and outside my network fine. Its just video that does not want to cooperate. Hope that helps and please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help you help me. Thanks!

There is supposed to be an admin page at url:8000/admin but that returns nothing. url:8000/admin/stats is another feature I found with icecast and while that does work, it wants me to log in but I have no idea what the log in is for it. Admin is supposed to be admin and hackme by default but they do not work. Does the icecast app for the EX4 have an admin page and does the app even allow for transmission of video? I cant find any documentation from WD on sending video. Anything they have is audio only. I tried to create an account on the IceCast forums a few days ago but have not gotten the admin response back yet to start up my account.

Check out my stream, launched last night:

Only thing is, I got my sister to check it out - and it’s not accessing it - what settings do I need to adjust? In order to get it outside of my network?

How did you get it to work outside your network? I am something of a technophobe when it comes to port forwarding, so can you explain in layman’s terms?