Ice Cream Sandwich! :D

Hey batra or SatyaFromWD, Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) comes out next week!!! The Google Nexus Prime launch event on October 19th (October 18th for the US since the event will be at 10am local time on Hong Kong) :smiley: What are the plans? What new features will Android WD 2go bring? Will a new Android-only app be released? And most importantly, is WD ready for the update? :wink:

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Batra?  Satya?

Gee, they sure are busy! Guess I’ll just have to wait then :slight_smile:

We are eagerly waiting for the 4.0 SDK and emulator to be released on the 18th,  first to make sure WD apps run fine on both smart phones and tablets. We appreciate all your feedback which has been helping us to improve the quality of our apps. Thanks!

Thanks Satya! I can’t wait :smiley: