I would like to recycle my wd cloud

I’ve had a WD my cloud for a number of years and always been hindered by the commen 503 error particularly following inactivity or conversely heavy use. When it works it is great, but more often than not it is usually unreliable. I’m now considering scrapping the drive and would like to know if the hardware could be reconfigured to operate as a standard hard drive. Better to have some fixed storage than trash the item which is where I’m at presently. Case can be used as a book end or drinks holder!


You could refer to the following thread:

Sorry cant help Jonty. In my view the WD my cloud is junk I should never have purchased this system. I’ve got files on the device which I would like to keep but cant access. I’m unsure as to the internal disk controller etc. if it’s just SATA with standard file system I’ll remove insert into PC drive Bay etc. That’s what I’m researching. Get my data back then Bin the hardware.