I wish to use EX2100 like my dropbox


I recently made EX2100 purchase.

Currently EX2100 is located in my home network and I want to have an access to it from my business outside.

So far I’ve been doing so with dropbox account (sharing excel, word documents and etc) We downloaded dropbox app and linked 1 dropbox account to 2-3 different windows computers/laptops in my business.

Can this be done with EX2100? The physical EX2100 device will be in my home. However, the laptop/computers that need access to EX2100 will be outside/different network.

I hope to use EX2100 as similar as dropbox experience for my business/staff. I am looking for any help/guide on how to set this up.

Thank you in advance for the help

I would explore the WDSync software. It will allow you to sync folders from the individual computers to the EX2100. You can configure a specific folder of your choosing on the computers and have them sync to a singe destination folder on the EX2100 so that all computers will sync to the same information, just like Dropbox.