I will never purchase another G-Technology Drive

I was a huge G-Technology Fan. In fact, I would recommend them. I have a lab of 20 iMac computers that I teach video editing to high school students with. I purchased (10) 2TB drives to finish out my lab - I own 2 generations of these drives. These drives began to fail within the first few months of owning them. Now, every single drive has failed. I believe that I got what was part of a bad lot of drives. I tried to explain that to G-Tech when I started to have them replaced. There was a delay receiving them because there was a shortage from G-Tech. Several of my first generation 250G drives are working flawlessly, but the 2TB drives have ALL failed. Goodbye G-Techology.

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I’m starting to have problems with my 2T G-Drive too, Partitioned it into 3 sections.1 section was Used it to put all my photos on. the next day The drive would only show the other two sections not the photo section. I hadn’t had it long enough to do a backup on yet.
GGRRRRRR frustrating.
Working on retrieving my photos.

I bought a 2T G Drive in 2009 which failed while under the three year warranty in 2012. The replacement one they sent has failed now obviously out of warranty.
What is strange is that the disk is spinning and the light is on but neither an imac nor a macbook which previously recognized it as a device do so now and neither does Disk Utility see it. It is not mounting at all. I have tried all the firewoire cables changing and ports including the usb port with zero result.
I fail to see what has gone wrong. Obviously a port can fail but not all and its not power supply or cables so?
I have seen no answers yet to this problem
Result Bafflement and a feeling that I too would not buy a G drive again