I will never in my entire life waste my money or time on any WD products again

I have never experience such low standard of customer support in my entire 45 year long life.

Their attitude is: If were not forced by law to help you, we will do everything we can not to, not even advice you!

I will badmouth this company for the rest of my life through my extensive network on social medias, who cares when youre so big and untouchable, right?

Well, i will contribute with all i can, what comes around, goes around, eventually.


What specifically happened that you’re so upset?

I am getting extremely close to feeling the same way. I ordered a product and cannot get any information regarding the shipping of said product. I’ve called and spoken to customer service 4 times only to be told the same thing each time…“it was out of stock, it is now in stock, will ship today, you’ll receive an email with tracking information”. The call center only emails the warehouse and doesn’t have any information whatsoever. Requested a supervisor in hopes that someone can confirm anything at this point and was  told that a supervisor had looked at it hours ago and I’m on a “call list”. Worst of all is the attitude of it’ll ship when it ships, sorry we can’t give you any more information.