I watch a movie than when i access another video file it keeps loading but nothing happens


I have wdtv live for 4 months now. It worked flowlessly. Until I encountered some problems on the last 2 weeks. I’ll try to be specific, but if you need further infos feel free to ask.

First thing happend was wdtv live stoped playing a video file, mkv i guess, and the lcd went black. I returned to the menu and tried to access again the file, and then other files, but all of them kept on loading and nothing else.


I restarted wdtv live and the pc hosting the files via wired network through a TrendNet wireless router which worked very well with all my laptops, Iphone and wdtv live til now. My PC is running Win7 ultimate, with all updates and I am access my files through Network sharing on wdtv. I have 2 partitions shared completely and I have a workgroup named MRJAPAN at my home.

I even restore the wdtv to factory settings, restarted it, unplug the power cord, the ethernet cable, everything. On PC the partitions are shared to everyone with all privilegies.

Sometimes the wdtv works fine for a couple of hours then I have to try everything above to make it work again, because I don’t know what the problem is. I have a PS3 media player also for PS3 in the other room (wired). It works fine on PS3. I can see it on wdtv live but still the same loading problem appears.

Why its working from time to time? I dont get it. When I’m confident everything is ok, the problem returns after some hours.

BTW, once, yesterday the wdtv live crashed for the first time and made itself a reboot. This are no good news, I am sure.

I’m stuck and I really need your help !

Thank you

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An MKV file authored with MKVMerge 4.2 or later will cause this – the cure is to remux that file with MKVMerge 4.0 or earlier.

In the meantime, you’ll need to reset your Live completely – do the paperclip reset as well as unplug it from power for at least 10 minutes.  Do NOT play that file again (or any other MKV mastered with MKVMerge later than 4.0 – you can tell by using MediaInfo on the files).

So this is the great problem? I verified now one mkv movie and indeed was 4.2. I have mkvmerge v2.2.0. I started the merge. I hope it works. God **bleep** it ! And I bought the WDTV Live for the mkv files especially. There is nothing a can do about?

Should I use mkvmerge 2.2.0 or should I look for 4.0 version?

I’d just get the 4.0 version – it’s easy to find with a Google search.

Now, you CAN use the version you have and it should work just fine.

If you use a version later than 4.0  you will need to highlight each track and go into track specific options and turn off “header compression”.  Then remux and all will be well.

WD is aware of the issue and a fix is coming in firmware (but as to when it will be released that’s anyone’s guess – I think before Thanksgiving but not until Halloween :>)

Hi there…I have the same problem. I have downloaded RAR files…and then used WinRAR to unzip them into one MKV file, While trying to play this file…the problem decribed in the subject occurred. How to resolve it, pls advise. Thanks.

If the problem above is the same, then the solution above is the same.

I just wanna be sure…do I need to download MKVMerge 4.0 or below and then what do i do with the current MKV movie? Never use MKVMerge before…pls help,thanks.

HDfunk wrote:

I just wanna be sure…do I need to download MKVMerge 4.0 or below and then what do i do with the current MKV movie? Never use MKVMerge before…pls help,thanks.

It can’t hurt to try – just download MKVMerge 4.0 or earlier and load the movie into it (with “file Load”) and press “start muxing” and it will create a new file.  Try that file and if it works just delete the old one (nothing to it).

MKVmerge 4.0.0 (official download)


does this download linke, work with 64 bit windows as well? as i see it shows 32bit, but sometimes, 32 bit programs wiork in windiows 7

Yeah, it will work with Win 7 64bit (it works on my system).

mike thanks for the info