I want to remove files from my laptop, not back them up - help!

I have a My Passport for Mac, have I bought the wrong external hard drive.

As I only have >1GB left on my laptop harddrive, I need to create space and bought the Passport hoping to transfer files for storage, like a USB. But every time I cut and paste files onto the Passport and then delete the original file from my laptop, the file disappears from both.

What’s happening?? And what do I really need, if this is the wrong purchase?

Thanx in advance guys


Ok that’s not supposed to happen mate…

Are you using any software or just manually dragging the information to the drive? Try to copy the info instead of cut, then disconnect the drive from the computer. After that delete the info from the computer and reconnect the drive, let’s see what happens…

Thanks for the advice, but I haven’t run any software. And I have been simply dragging and dropping.

Anyway, the Passport now seems to have packed up and will no longer eject - I think there may be some problems with the device. I presume I can get a refund or a replacement within a certain timeframe and suppose I should contact Apple whom I bought it from.

Thanks again,


Just a word of warning never trust important data to just one drive internal or external no matter who makes it. External drives tend to have more problems than internals from bumping around, constant plugging in and unpluging and using on mutiple OSs to name a few. Get a second one so you have a backup. The forum is full of people who did what you want then had a problem.