I want to be able to change Subtitle Color

Please put an option for Subtitle Color,

because lots of casting titles moving behind the subtitles,

so both of them are white, it is hard to read.

Please put an option for color.

Thank you.

This sounds more like something that should be posted in the Ideas section.

But don’t the studios pick whatever colour they think would be most visible when they’re authoring the DVD/BluRay?  Seems like keeping the original subs when ripping the discs would be better than converting them to .srt and losing the colour information.

On the WD TV Live Hub that can be done, post this request ont he Ideas Section. The WD guys will see it and may apply it on any future firmware update.

Actually it is most likely the same problem with WDs inability to properly display subtitles. Fix that and there’s no need to manually change colors.

Actually… I would like to change subtitle colors too. In my PC I found that yellow (RGB #FFFF00) or light orange (RGB #FEC065) work much better than white (for my taste).

If there were an option to change the color, I’d use it. It’s not top priority for me, though.