I want my WD Icon back on my external hard drive please someone help

I have a 500GB external USB harddisk . It is really good I like it and the way it showed the Icon WD that was really cool and convenient for me to recoganise my drive easily. but after extracted some of the files to the harddisk I kind of replaced some file or something that It no more shows any Icon of WD . I want that icon of WD back. Could someone please help me with that. Please help me. it feels like I have lost my real harddisk.  help me please. and if there needs to have any files then please send me those files so that I can have my WD icon back.

WD used to include this icon in it’s downloads. Check the downloads listed under your drive and if You can’t find it reply back and I’ll go dig.

See if this Knowledge Base article helps you:


Thank you for the reply It solved my probelm. Thanks a lot.

You’re welcome.