I want a folder carrying non usb

I have a “MyBook for Mac 3T” and “WB TV LIVE”.
My problem is trying to read the content and blocks the “WB TV LIVE”.
In “MyBook for Mac 3T” I have many folders and I want “WB TV LIVE” read the contents of two and the rest do not read.
Is there any solution?


Tengo un “MyBook for Mac 3T” y un “WB TV LIVE”.
Mi problema es que intenta leer todo el contenido y bloquea el “WB TV LIVE”.
En “MyBook for Mac 3T” tengo muchas carpetas y quiero que “WB TV LIVE” lea el contenido de dos y el resto no las lea.
¿Hay alguna solución?



Check the link below to get information how to share folders on your Mac.

Sharing a folder on Mac OS 10.5 and 10.6 to be viewed with a WD TV Live, Live Streaming, Live Plus, or Live Hub 

Thanks for the information, but what I want is to connect my “MyBook for Mac 3T” USB to my “WB TV LIVE” without I read the 3T because the “WB TV LIVE” crashes within two hours.

Gracias por la información pero lo que yo quiero es conectar mi “MyBook for Mac 3T” por USB a mi “WB TV LIVE” sin que me lea las 3T porque el “WB TV LIVE” se bloquea a las dos horas.