I used the wrong power supply on my book studio 1 TB

Hi, I used a 24v powersupply on a my book studio 1TB  p/n: wdbaaj0010hsl-01

It does nothing now, makes no noise, the led light doesn’t work either. The lcd screen on the case is all black now. Is it possible that a fus is blown? Is there a fuse on the board that i can bypass to start it up for one last time to get the fles of the disk? 

best regards Thomas

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I would recommend contacting a specialized data recovery service instead of attempting a self-repair operation as it could further compromise disk integrity.



Thanks for the reply. The content of the HD is not worth being ripped of by such a company that makes advantage of people in this situation. I saw a few examples of succes on this forum. Only not with this paticular hd

If you upload detailed photos or scans of both sides of your HDD PCB and external PCB, then I may be able to help you.

It may be best if you also upload the same photos to a file sharing service (eg imgur.com), as there is a delay before each image is approved (or rejected).