I upgraded my router and all seems good now

I just wanted to say so far so good. I had a lot of network connection issues. Had a Netgear WRN2000V3 router with a D-LINK DWA-130 USB stick. It would always lose connection. When it was connected, I managed to see the speed around 975 KB/sec.

I purchased a D-LINK DIR-825 off eBay brand new for about half the price they are in stores!! So far I couldn’t be happier. So far I am getting slightly faster speeds… between 1.0 MB/sec to 1.22 MB/sec so says Windows 7. About 16 minutes to copy over 1.4 GB it says.

Looking in the Western Digital it gets a better signal. Probably due to the fact that the D-LINK has two antennas sticking out the back, the Netgear had none. The model I got is the same as the DIR-655, except this one can also do 5Ghz for future devices that operate on 5Ghz bandwidth. What you could do is setup say your computer to run on 2.4Ghz for gaming, but if your living room device supported it you could set that up on 5Ghz.

This has more features than the Netgear and I like the router setup screens better so far. I was able to easily setup reserved IP’s for all my devices. This has a QOS Engine in it to prioritize packets for gaming, HD streaming, etc. What’s nice is that when I give my Girlfriends Daughter access to the internet from her laptop I can limit what times she can/cannot go on, and limit her bandwidth as well.

Definitively the issues you had were caused by the Netgear.