I unlock HDD with password....now how do i lock it again?

Debating on buying a smartware based WD harddrive  to hook up to Live+  and have restricted access to files on it.

So I see in manual how to enter password to UNLOCK a HDD to gain access. 

I see no method on how to lock it again? 

(I found in forum that this question was asked before with no answer).


It automatically locks again when it’s disconnected from the WD TV.

Here’s what I think 99.99% of the people using WDTV would consider “automatically” to mean…

  1. It automatically locks after some user defined period of inactivity of the WDTV

  2. It automatically locks after some user defined period of inactivity of the HDD

  3. It automatically locks after the completion of an entire file read from the HDD

  4. It automatically locks after I press a series of keystrokes on the remote as I remain seated in my sofa

Any of those 4 would be fine with me

For me  automatically does NOT mean walking over to some dark recess of my media closet to unplug and replug

the external HDD from the side of the player.

Note to the WD marketing folks…

So for the record I was considering  buying one of your Smartware (ironic name) external HDDs so that I could have a password protected drive off of the WDTV.   Now I will not.  Instead I will just buy a generic encrypted HDD enclosure  that uses a USB key to unlock the drive.  Apparently my choice  are…

A) Use the WD smartware drive and have to pulg/unplug drive AND enter in password


B) Use non-WD encrypted HDD enclosure and just plug/unplug USB key

I choose option B since it is less hassle.

If you want to enable your WD Smartware drives to be intelligently  used on the WDTV then you need to tell the WDTV programmers to expend an hour or 2 of their time to implement option #4 above.  Bonus points given for option #1.

I’ve forwarded your suggestions. In the meantime, you can approximate option #4 by using the remote to turn the WD TV off and then on again. This forces the drive to unmount and then remount, which locks it.

Thanks Guy_k for the prompt responses.

The WDTV on/off cycling sounds like a reasonable solution.  I’ll give it a try.