I tunes - sorry if this has been asked a million times


I purchased a WD My Cloud and I need some help! Could someone please in stupidly simple terms talk me through how to move my music from Itunes (on my mac) to the WD including the playlists. I thought I had sorted it, got all the music on the WD drive and it has put them into artists folders which I really want to avoid. Sorry if this has been asked a million times before.

Thanks in advanced. 

You should consider creating an iTunes share on the NAS, move the iTunes library files under that folder, and the iTunes media (Music, Home Videos, Books, etc. folders) in a ItUnes media folder under the same top folder. Point your Mac iTunes to the library file on the NAS. This way you still use iTunes to manage your music and videos, but it doesn’t take space on your Mac.

The NAS is using and iTunes server to serve music only. You don’t have control of the way it displays the music.

The DLNA server can also stream music, and it also has its own way of displaying the music and videos, etc.


Thanks for your reply but you are talking to a complete IT novice so don’t really understand that :frowning: I just want to be able to see my music from my sonos and PC in the playlists I have already created but have the music stored on my WD Cloud. Is this possible or should I be taking the unit back?