I think my My Cloud is dead

I have been browsing the various topics for a while, in hopes that I would find some sort of solution to my issue, but I have yet to find one. Since our last blackout, (yes, I did have it on a surge protector) every time I try to connect it, it remains a solid yellow light and never turns blue. I checked our router to see if that would be able to help and not only does it say it’s inactive, but every time I try the testing, it fails.

Is there anything else that I should try before calling the WD specialists. I don’t care about getting a refurbished product, I just want the files I saved.

Did you try inserting a thick needle/paperclip into small hole at the back for several seconds to reset it? Yellow light means no internet access AFAIR.

I did do that also and it was briefly white before returning to the yellow/orange-ish color. There’s also a strange clicking sound that I did not discover until this morning.

What model hardware (Gen1 or Gen2) is it (or how old is it)?
What firmware did you have installed?

Solid yellow has never been a valid indication, according to the manuals.
Pre-OS3 firmware had a flashing yellow for network connection problems.
OS3 firmware has flashing red for network

What are the rear LEDs doing?

mine started doing something similar recently. After a regularly scheduled backup, the drive continued to constantly spin like it was still crunching/moving data. I didn’t realize something was wrong until I noticed the LED was red. I did the reset procedures, and ended up with LED like yours. The drive just continually spins and WD smartware indicates no readable partition. WD Dashboard cannot communicate with the drive. I can’t help with your problem since a) I couldn’t solve my own similar problem, and b) WDC support was unable to offer anything other than try the reset. After reset didn’t work, WDC support says, sorry, and provides a like to paid data recovery services. Hope you get better support than I did.

Hey guys! Did you run your disks 24/7 or enable sleep mode? Do you live in an area with power failures (e.g. rural)? What services do you have enabled (cloud, ftp)?