I suddenly get "Windows can't access this disk" on WD Virtual Drive


I just suddenly get the message “Windows can’t access this disk” when I try to open WD Virtual Drive to unlock my passport. (Mine is My Passport Essential 320 GB)

It’s on Windows 7, I tried opening on another PC which running on Windows XP but didn’t get that message.

I opened Disk Management and the Windows can detect the WD Virtual Drive.

Kindly advise,

Thank you,

If it’s working on another computer, then it’s your computer having errors. Since you can still unlock it on XP, then permanently remove the password under settings> drive settings (Setup drive)> security. That way the drive will work on the other computer without the password until you can sort out the problem, which could be the registry, file system corruption, an unstable system, an incompatible program, or any and all.

And yes, it happens out of the blue. After each update the registry of your computer changes.

also, make sure you have all your data backed up on at least one other drive, just in case.