I so want this to work..please

Please help. i am going slightly mad.

by the way i am in NEW ZEALAND.

I bought the WDTV live hub and have it connected to a netgear wifi extender via cat5 (this extender also has wired connections to my BR, laptop and TV).  The extender connects to my home wifi using N AES.

Using my win 7 pc connected to my router (via cat5) i was able to transfer my video library and music library to the hub. No problems, a little slow over the wifi but i expected that.

I am able to play movies and music direct to amp/tv which are connected via HDMI and optical respectively. no problem.

Then all of a sudden the following occurs:

  1. The device is no longer visible as a DLNA media device - on any viewer/media player (i had been ahppily streaming video and music direct to my ipad on the same network for a while)

  2. The WDTV live plus - which i have connected to a TV in the bedroom, can no longer access the hub as a media device.

  3. The win7 pc which i use to manage the hub directories can no longer see the hub as a readable drive. it identifies it as a device but all i can do is open the WDTV interface and twonky.  i can no longer acess the files on the device.

It has become invisible or rather not so invisible just inaccessible.

The files are accessible via HDMI and it plays fine through the single TV but i cannot browse/review/change anything on the hub via pc or DLNA.


first off, i reset everything, started from scratch.

i cleared the media library

i switched off all password requirements for windows share and network share

then i gave both the hub and the TVlive plus a static IP and checked this on all items and the router 

then i moved the hub so that it was connected via cat5 direct to the router

then i deleted the homegroup network and started to add the items back in again.

it worked.

for about 5mins.

i reset everything again, i re-checked the firmware and the web page for updates. All good, i am up to date.

The device works fine if you just want to watch what is on it through the direct connection.

DLNA access - no longer works

MEDIA  server sattus - doesnt show up

i am beginning to think the hub may be faulty ??

i can access my router page and i can see it, i can ping it but i cant browse it in win 7 and my other WD TV live plus cannot identify it on the network as a media hub.

I so want this to work. i love this product and what it could be but i am going slightly mad…

please help.


You should try contacting support for this issue.

To contact support:


this sounds like a master browser issue

check your master browser

the WD should never be the master browser

usually your main PC should be

or a server if you have one

Hi thanks for responding.

I am a little confused.

The wdtv live hub is designed to act as a media server isn’t it?

It has a hdd it is enabled to share its folders on your home network and is DLNA enabled for this purpose?

My desk top pc is not always switched on so it can’t act as my media server which is why I like the wdtv live hub.

I guess the other option is to build a proper NAS and simply use the hub as a media viewer…which is kind of defeating what I want to achieve?