I simply want to back up my Passport Essential with my Elements


I am not an IT expert and I am very confused with everything.

I only store my data in  a WD Passport Essential SE.   Nothing on my laptop.

But once a month, I would like the WD Passport Essential to be transferred to my other external drive, WD Elements.

Can WD smartware do this job?

What I can see is  Smartware can backup from your laptop to your WD Passport Essential - can I change this to be with WD Elements  instead of my laptop?

Some type of synchronisation will be great so I don’t have to manually determine which ones are the new files.

Muchly appreciated.

Thanks !

You can manually copy the items then tranfer them to the elements. but smartware only works with the drive that has the operating system installed on.

The Smartware is also quirky and only backs up certain files. A sync program would probably work better for you. For Windows 7 there is Sync Toy but I haven’t used it.


Thanks lawrence and joe

I am now looking at Sync Toy but it seems that Good Sync has a better user rating so I will try this one :slight_smile:

I use the Good Sync Pro. After a trial period the free version cuts the amount you can do at one time so I bought it and like it.