I see the MyBoolçiove over the wireless but not over the ethernet

I have a MyBookLive and I can access it over the wifi, but I can not reach it over the ethernet.
More additional infos:

  1. if I ping the MBL via ethernet the result is KO
  2. I tried with 2 different laptops and the situation is the same: ok via wifi, ko via ethernet
  3. both the laptop and the MBL are on WORKGROUP
  4. connection to internet is ok both over ethernet and over wifi
  5. router IP:
  6. MBL IP:
  7. laptop IP via ethernet: 192.168.130
  8. laptop IP via wireless: 192.168.104

It is very strange!
Any suggestion?

Which operating system do you run? Are your computers configured for multiple networks? If not, is your unit detected when connected to your system while disabling all WiFi connections in case your systems do not allow mixed networks?

Thank you Trancer.
I run Windows 10 on one laptop and Windows XP on onother laptop.
I tried to turn off wifi on the router and the result is the same: non connectionwith MyBookLive over ethernet.
I tried to make a bridge between ethernet and wireless connection, and I see the MBL, but only with wifi turned on. So we don’t solved the problem:I want to connect to MBL using only the ethernet connection becouse is faster.