I screwed up... can i save the data?

So I needed to connect a 1TB Caviar black (SATA) via USB. I used an adapter (like this one). somehow, I managed to connect the ide from the power (wall) to the ide to sata adapter upside down… terrible… it went in without a problem, but then I smelled a burnt smell :mansad:

Disconnected it right away, but i guess it was too late… now, when i connect the hdd to my pc (with the adapter connected properly…), i hear the USB in sound but nothing else. I don’t see the hdd.

Is there anything i can do? replace the board? or did i lose all my data (i have backup for most of it, luckily)?

Thank you!!!


yeah. at first you can try to replace PCB for check hard drive still have others problem or no. data is safe there. please post the model f your PCB. format should be 2060-7XXXXX-00X REV:X.

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it’s a WD1001FALS

2061-701622-800 03P

But what about firmware versions? From what I read, it is possible that even a PCB for the same model won’t work… is it true?

" . . . 

If this is the case many inexperienced technicians will try to swap PCB from another Western Digital Caviar Black WD1001FALS drive of the same model but chances of successful hard drive recovery are close to zero, especially on newer Western Digital hard drives. The problem is that logic board and service area microcode on modern Western Digital hard drives are adapted to the head disk assembly are manufactured with. In our lab we use specialized software, machines and hardware to reprogram and rebuild these parameters or transfer them from damaged board to make donor PCB fully compatible with damaged drive." - http://www.salvagedata.com/hard-drive/western-digital-data-recovery/wd1001fals/