I saw all pictures folders on the folder video

Sorry for my English…

I have a problem when i am connected by DLNA on my TV, in the video folder i can see all the videos folders (normal) but the pictures folder also…)

I tried to browse it from my desktop, and it’s no probleme (video folders on video folder, and pictures folders (and files) in pictures fodler).

I tried to ‘rebuild’ the files bu management panel but it doesn’t resolve my problem.

Thank on advance for your help.

have you moved any folders around or into other share folders?


I don’t think so but it’s possible because when i received the nas i played a lot with it :).

Even a friend has the same problem with an another brand of NAS (Syn**). it must probably link with a cach into DLNA, but i don’t know how to change that.

What it’s crazy is nobody here hasn’t this prob.