I removed a share and Whole folder gone?

How come when i removed a share, the whole folder of a user was gone? lost lots of data, which made no sense…I had 3 users, and 3 shares, and removed one share and it seemed to remove the folder of a user…any idea why?

Was the Share you removed the “User” share for that user?

Otherwise, I have no idea. This is a task I do quite often and have never had that happen…

Could have been, never seen it before…why would you have a share for a user, I thought I added it because I had to share for a user i created so i created the share… but as well forgot by that time…I never seen share auto added for a user…

When you add a user, a share for that user (with the same name as the user) is created automatically – at least that’s the behavior on the Gen 2 clouds… (Firmware 2.xxx)

Ah, so when I deleted that share for that user , it deletes the whole directory for that user? that is just plain stupid…

Now I’m screwed no way to get it back i suppose?

Yes, that’s the way it works – on every NAS I’ve ever seen…

You delete the share, the data goes bye-bye. I think maybe your terminology is tripping you up. The share IS the whole directory. They’re one in the same.

That’s why it gives the warning:

…before you proceed.

Unless you can restore it from your backups, data recovery on Linux is well outside of my wheelhouse, so I can’t answer that.

If you search the web you can find utilities that will restore deleted files. Your best chance to restore the data is if you have not written anything to the data partition. Also when you get the utility you need to run it from either the root partition or from a USB drive.

PS be careful how you get the utility. Depending on whether you have a gen1 or gen2.

to me that made that only data that I shared, and config settings, like read/write, not at all or full access not the whole directory of a user…stupid…

the share is more or less the user then, and the user is nothing more than a log in…stupid…backwards terminology…

what utilities are really available for NAS? none that i know of…

There are recover utilities for Linux. But not necessarily for a NAS. The disk could be removed
and put into a linux system that has a undelete program. One could also build a version of undelete
that works on a gen1 system. But that is not easy for a person with a limited knowledge of Linux.

PS try searching this site for undelete options. Other people have asked this question.

No, that’s not accurate.

Users and Shares are related, but not 1:1. You define the relationship yourself.

A user can have access to multiple shares, with varying permissions among different shares as you choose.
A share can be accessed by multiple users, and each user can have varying permissions to the same share.

The only relationship the Cloud does with the two is that, by default, each created users gets his/her own share with the same name. But you can easily change that…

All I can tell you is that this is not a WD-specific thing. Every NAS in the universe does it the same way, and in the vast majority of cases I’ve seen, all use the same terminology to describe users and shares.